Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)

TRPs (valid for 3 years) and consecutive Residence Permits (RP) (valid for 5 years) give a number of benefits such as 'no work permit' or 90/180 rule requirements. Also TRP and PR holders may register 'Sole Proprietor' entity and enjoy 6% flat income tax among other benefits.

Unlike some other countries Russia still has relatively low fiscal requirement for TRP or PR applicants.


Number of TR Permits is limited by yearly quota. There are several categories of quota exempt applicants. Until summer 2014 ground for quota exemption for most of foreigners was having russian spouse. One may apply for and obtain TRP quota without exemption grounds.

TRP application requirements include homeland police check document, certicicates of medical testing at specific institutions, marriage certificates, statutory fee, and filled application form.

One of the key problems in application process is that application package is difficult to submit due to crowded queues and arbitrary cavil finding at acceptance by Immigration Officers. The application requirements are subject to frequent changes. The above results in loss of time and multiple re-submissions.

Submitted TRP applications are considered by Federal Migration Service (FMS) during 6 months. FMS will make inquiries on the applicant to various state bodies and wait for the replies. In case there will be no reasons for rejection, the TRP will be granted in 6 months plus 1-3 weeks from application acceptance date. TRP holders are still liable for regular immigration reporting.

Residence Permit (RP)

TRP holders are eligible to apply for 5-year RP after minimum 6 months of holding of TRP. Application process is similar to that of TRP but no home country police check paper. RP holders are still liable for regular immigration reporting. PR status is 'pre-citizen' status. Modifications to the "Law on Citizenship" (62-FZ) that occurred in mid 2014 only concern PR holders (and not foreigners at earlier stages of immigration process). Highly Skilled Specialists, mentioned above in Work Permit, may enjoy expedited 3-month track to PRP.