GreenLane-FP is providing the following services:

Fingerprinting Services for Money Transmitter License Applications, Medical License Applications and other kinds of applications that require fingerprinting.

GreenLane provides fingerprinting services for purposes of a Money Transmitter License applications, Medical License Applications and other kinds of applications that require fingerprinting in the United States.

We do non-electronic, paper-based fingerprinting on FD-258 or similar forms according to FBI, RCMP, or similar standards.

The forms may be on standard A4 format sheets of paper or thicker paper provided by the client. Also, we can print the forms on a paper with the required thickness.

The forms can further be FedEx-ed or scanned in high resolution (600 dpi) and emailed accordingly.

The fingerprinting may be done in our office or another suitable venue according to a client's choice.   In case this format of work suits your requirements, we'd be happy to schedule an appointment.

Fingerprinting service for Apostilled Criminal Background Checks for applications for Russian Residence, Licenses/Permissions, Business/Student Visas.

U.S. citizens are asked to present a criminal records check in connection with their applications for Russian Temporary Residence Permits (TRPs).

Such certificates must come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and require a fingerprint check.

Fingerprinting service may also be useful for all those who require FBI clearance certificate issued upon submitting hard copy based fingerprints.

GreenLane office is located in Russia, Moscow, near metro Aviamotornaya, at shosse Entuziastov dom 19 office 408.

The procedure requires a prior appointment to be made via phone at +7 (495) 989-77-35 or e-mail at

 In order to obtain an apostilled FBI Criminal Background Check you have to do the following:

Make an appointment with us on the phone or e-mail indicated above.

Come to our office at the above address at the appointed time. The fingerprinting procedure will take 15 minutes. (*) in case you’d like to consult regarding your Russian application residence matters, please, indicate it in your request for appointment.

FedEx your Ident Ten-Print Submission to one of the US Companies approved by FBI for order submissions. We will provide you with full details of these companies.

You must indicate US home/residential (not business/not office) address as an address the FBI Certificate will be mailed to. The FBI search results may not be mailed to a business address or any address outside the US. In case you haven't got such an address in the United States, we can provide you with one. Your contact person at the US home/residential address will receive the mail and send it to our representative in Washington D.C. for authentication (apostille) at the US Department of State.

The FBI Clearance will be sent over to US Department of State, Washington D.C. for apostillization. We will provide you with all information needed to authenticate (Apostille) the FBI document.

Our agent in Washington D.C. will take care of authentication (Apostille) and FedEx the authenticated (Apostilled) document back to you in Russian Federation.

+7 495 989 77 35
Shosse Entuziastov 19 C1, off.408 111024 Moscow, Russia