Choose type of business presence in Russia: resident or non-resident company

Resident: if you plan imports and sales you should think of a resident company. The decision here is pretty straightforward - over 90% of registered Russian business legal entities are OOO-type companies (limited liability societies). Ca. 5% are companies that issue and may trade their equity in a form of stock.

Non-resident: if you plan only marketing and promo activity for your head company you may consider setting up a Representative Office.

Non-resident: company branches present sort of hybrid solution.

Some of our clients choose to act as "IP" ('individual entrepreneur' or 'sole proprietor'). This form may be the lighest one in terms of tax reporting and taxation. A foreigner needs to obtain temporary (or permanent) residence permit in order to register him/herself as IP. Please, refer to our section on immigration services for information on how to obtain Russian residence.