Comments on items и) and Part 2 of Art 14 of 62-FZ (continued)

...continued from previous post. Item и) was supposed to facilitate narturalization for 'valuable professionals'. The list of those 'valuable' is still unseen. The amendment doesn't work. The list has to be prepared by the Ministry of Labour of Russia. Mrs Kazakova (FMS) said that she has no idea when Ministry of Labor is going to produce it. Again, we see that 'liberalizing' amendment doesn't work.


Part 2 of Art., 14 says that "Russian speakers" whose direct ancestors resided within current border of Russia are eligible for 'fast lane' to naturalization. Where's the catch? The catch is in subitem в) of the Part 2. It states that applicants must denounce their exisiting citizenship. This requirement, practically, limits applicants to a certain number of refugees or people of similar circumstances. 

For the late 2014 and early 2015 most of applicants willing to comply with this requiremwent are Ukranians.

The applicant has to get some kind of 'we let you go' paper from it's state body (e.g., the Embassy)

Currently Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow ignores applications from Ukrainians willing to denounce their citizenship. Assumingly, the Embassy is doing it for political reasons. Again - the amendment doesn't work.